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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a list of questions that we get asked most often and the answer that we give for each. Look here for answers to your questions. If you don't see your issue addressed here, send email to

Q. What are Roger's business hours?
A. Roger's is open Tuesday through Friday 8am till 5pm and Saturdays 9am-5pm. Roger's is OPEN Sundays by appointment only. Roger's is CLOSED Mondays.
Q. Do you offer financing and how long does it take to approve my loan?
A. It depends on your credit history. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
Q. Does Roger's use high pressure tactics?
A. No, in fact some customers have actually prodded us in order to continue along the sales process.
Q. How do you suggest we start our search for our RV?
A. Look at the things you are most familiar with. Remember an RV has to be a home first and be moveable second.
Q. Can I custom order a trailer?
A. Yes, not only by interior color but your choice of options and accessories.
Q. After the sale, is there any demonstration of how things work?
A. Yes, we spend up to two hours with each new owner explaining the systems and widgets on their particular trailer.
Q. I'm concerned about towing a trailer, how difficult is it?
A. After hooking to your tow vehicle, we will ride with you explaining some do's and don'ts. We stay with you until you are comfortable towing.
Q. Does Roger's provide hitch and wiring of my vehicle?
A. Yes. The right hitch is the most important element to safe towing. Wiring for lights, trailer brakes and battery charge circuit is a routine service. Both with discount pricing.
Q. Does Roger's offer service?
A. We certainly do. In fact our service department has won numerous awards.
Q. Can I tow a trailer with my vehicle?
A. Probably. People tow trailers with motorcycles. The real question is how large of a trailer can you tow safely with your vehicle.
Q. How can I tell how big (heavy) a trailer my vehicle can pull?
A. Your vehicle dealer/manufacturer can supply this weight. We can also help determine it if you supply the year, make, model, engine size, transmission type, rear end ratio and 2 or 4whl drive.
Q. I am confused by the vaious weight labels, what is GVWR?
A. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Rating is the important word. This rating is the maximum permitted weight of the trailer including accessories and cargo. This weight can not be exceeded without damage occuring to the trailer.
Q. Well then, what is UVW?
A. Unladen Vehicle Weight. This represents the weight of a trailer as manufactured with the factory installed accessories included. (i.e. A/C, awning, etc)
Q. But the brochure says the base weight is less than the UVW?
A. Yes, the base weight refers to the weight of the base unit with no optional accessories, just as the base price includes no accessory pricing either.
Q. How do you establish a sales price? And do you negotiate?
A. Roger's uses manufacturer supplied Suggested Retail Prices and independent sources like the Kelly Blue Book. Yes we negotiate, 40 years of customers will attest to our generous pricing.
Q. Do you take trade-ins?
A. We sure do. We will give you a fair price for your trade.
Q. What if I still owe a balance on my trade-in?
A. We will work hard to make a mutually beneficial deal on any RV that no longer meets your needs.

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